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1. Stop the Loss ✔️Tenants Protections: "Policies that include a proactive education program that informs tenants about their legal rights to compensation/resources is critical. Often landlords who seek to displace tenants are likely not maintaining units, common areas or grounds and I would be in support of policy creation where landlords must receive all city permits before providing notice to tenants of renoviction/demoviction and ensure temporarily displaced tenants during renovations or demolitions are re-housed at the same rate of their present rent."
✔️Housing Acquisition: "I am open to exploring and supporting a non-profit acquisition strategy that would give non-porfit housing providers the right of first refusal to purchase at risk apartment buildings on the private market. This would reduce the stock of aging housing being sold and converted to higher priced housing and allow for swift acquisition of rental housing to our non-profit housing providers"

2. Create More ✔️Inclusionary Zoning: "I know that inclusionary zoning by-laws are a way for our city to use development regulation and the approval process to have private developers provide affordable housing in private market projects. For new developments in our city, I am in support of ensuring up to 30% of units built are for affordable housing using a phased in approach. For low income households (earning under $24 000 per year), it is important that a portion of units built would be financially accessible to these households."
✔️Increased Budget: "I know the City has increased its affordable housing budget significantly since 2019 - but I do recognize it is not enough to tackle our ever-growing housing crisis. "I support the creation of non-profit units and doubling the City’s current commitment of housing 500 households through rent subsidies. Reducing homelessness and the social housing registry waitlist by 50% by 2030 is important."
3. Preserve the Quality ❌Landlord Licensing: "Property maintenance standards (repairs/health and safety) for tenants must be upheld but I believe there are other mechanisms to ensure proper oversight of property maintenance before resorting to requiring landlords in Ottawa to be licensed. An independent Housing Ombudsperson may be able to help triage this process - when it comes to failure of a rental property owner to maintain their property - in conjunction with the OLTB." ✔️Ombudsperson: "I support the action to assign an independent Housing Ombudsperson to implement housing rights that fall in line with the federal commitment to housing as a human right. In addition to monitoring progress, reviewing violations, and providing City Council with recommendations to fulfill our city’s human rights obligations, I would also like the Ombudperson’s office to work with the OLTB to triage potential human rights violators."

Link to website: www.binashah.ca

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