➗Ian Madill

1. Stop the Loss ✔️Tenants Protections: "I think there is merit to this, but this must be done with conjunction with landlord protections at the same time."
✔️Housing Acquisition: "I support this platform, this strategy has to work in conjunction with a strong federal and provincial recognition that foreign ownership of residential properties needs to cease asap. Ownership by large multinational investment firms also needs to be addressed."
2. Create More ✔️Inclusionary Zoning: "I do support the discussion on this topic. To fully support this i would need more information on the specifics of the policy."
❌Increased Budget: "Any increase to budget requires further discussion and cost benefit discussions on the exact costs and savings from other services this would impact or reduce usage on."
3. Preserve the Quality ❌Landlord Licensing: "I see this as more overhead. I would be open to discuss."
✔️Ombudsperson: "Yes, at a provincial level i would endorse this."

Link to website: https://ianmadill.com/

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