✔️Julie Fiala

1. Stop the Loss ✔️Tenants Protections: "Seniors and low income residents are too often left vulnerable." ✔️Housing Acquisition"Yes, this would be a good long-term strategy."
2. Create More ✔️Inclusionary Zoning: "It is crucial to a more equitable society." ✔️Increased Budget: "Indigenous peoples face more housing discrimination and this platform would help to alleviate this problem."
3. Preserve the Quality ✔️Landlord Licensing: "It is important to ensure effective control for both tenants and landlords who are doing the right thing in dealing with cheaters. It is also important to support small landlords who are close to their tenants." ✔️Ombudsperson: "This is a 

Link to website: www.juliefiala.ca

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