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1. Stop the Loss ✔️Tenant Protections: "The City of Ottawa is already looking into developing a bylaw to maintain affordable housing by barring the demo of six or more residential units without a permit or a plan to replace them. I support this initiative. I will also continue to push the province for changes under the Residential Tenancies Act to protect tenants from renovictions."  ✔️Housing Acquisition: "Creating a non-profit housing acquisition strategy is an idea that I can see happening in OttawaWe must work together to identify places where we want to build these affordable homes." 
2. Create More ✔️Inclusionary Zoning: "This must include much thought to ensuring that the needs of both the partners (developers, financiers & city) and the families benefiting from these affordable units are met. We must ensure that existing and future programs reflect the diversity of needs and requirements to ensure adequate solutions for all." Increased Budget: "An increase to the municipal budget would have to be done at the council level on a year-to-year basis based on overall city requirements. Although this statement reflects a goal I could support in theory, we must realise that the city has revenue limitations due to provincial legislation and we would need our various government partners to assist in making this theory a reality."
3. Preserve the Quality Landlord Licensing: "I would be opposed to creating a licensing oversight." Housing Ombudsperson: "I recognize that adequate housing is a fundamental human right and everyone has the right to live somewhere in peace, dignity and safety. However, I believe that the city staff already promotes fairness, accountability, and transparency and that the city of Ottawa will fulfill its human rights obligation."

Link to website: www.voteparam.com/commitment

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