➗Patrick Brennan

1. Stop the Loss ✔️Tenants Protections: "The property rights of the owner must be recognized, however, proper notice and fair treatment towards the tenants must occur."
❌Housing Acquisition: "I would need more information and costing of the strategy before making a decision."
2. Create More ❓Inclusionary Zoning: "Zoning policy should be relatively inclusionary. In certain parts of the city, affordable housing may not be best situated."
❌Increased Budget: "I would require a cost breakdown before deciding. Would the federal and provincial governments be partners?"
3. Preserve the Quality ❌Landlord Licensing: "I support having landlords being effective ensuring property maintenance. The City could establish a bylaw which calls upon landlords to ensure repairs are completed otherwise, they could face fines."
❌Ombudsperson: "Between city staff, the mayor and councillors, no additional parties are necessary."

Link to website: votepatbrennan.com

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