✔️Tessa Franklin

Endorsement Quote: "An emergency requires a bold, swift and impactful response. It has been years since this emergency has been declared and we need action from all councilors across Ottawa. Every ward can be a part of the solution. The missing middle housing gap is present in Ottawa and our rural / suburban wards have an amazing opportunity to fill that gap. The Starts With Home platform presents essential action that is long overdue at city hall."

1. Stop the Loss ✔️Tenants Protections: "Tenant protections not only provides residents with the security of a safe, affordable residence but it also allows Ottawa to grow without leaving anyone behind. Far too often residents are forced out of their neighbourhoods due to development pricing them out. Ensuring that tenants have a full understanding of their rights and access to affordable housing during renovations or demolitions ensures landlords are not abusing power over tenants and protects our neighbours who are vulnerable when they are at a high risk of becoming unhoused." ✔️Housing Acquisition"It’s not uncommon that properties are bought up over time and then demolished en mass to bring in new luxury developments. While it’s true we need all kinds of housing available it’s been made abundantly clear we need to prioritize affordable housing. With thousands of households on the waiting lists for affordable housing a non profit housing acquisition strategy can fill the gap quicker than our current strategies."
2. Create More ✔️Inclusionary Zoning: "When we look at projects like Lansdowne 2.0 and see market rent being used to meet affordable housing quotas we must challenge that and require developers to use the true definition of affordable housing. Market rent is not affordable for many households in this city and by accepting market rent as affordable we are failing our neighbours, especially those who are newcomers and on ODSP and OW. Inclusionary zoning helps us combat this issue by holding developers accountable." ✔️Increased Budget: "From both a moral and economic standpoint doubling our current commitment makes sense. We must lend a hand to the most vulnerable in our community, it lifts us all up. We know that proper investment in things like deeply affordable housing saves money compared to current spending on things like alternative level care, motels and other emergency interventions. Furthermore, the long term investment in rent subsidies and non profit housing boosts the local economy and increases tax revenue over time. Most importantly, Ottawa can not be an equitable city until our neighbours can easily access safe, secure housing.
3. Preserve the Quality ✔️Landlord Licensing: "Landlord licensing is a net positive for everyone involved. Tenants deserve a safe, comfortable place to live regardless of it’s a basement apartment, a luxury condo or a townhouse rental. Landlord licensing would ensure we can equip landlords with the direction they need to be compliant and ensure tenants rights are being respected and maintained. Moreover, it would ensure our existing housing supply can last longer through proper upkeep and accountability." ✔️Ombudsperson: "Accountability has been lacking at Ottawa City Hall for a long time across many projects. Without creating an effective program to ensure accountability we are allowing those who represent us to backpedal and / or ignore the commitments and plans they’ve set out. Furthermore, ensuring residents complaints are handled in a professional setting equips residents with better representation and allows us to stay in touch with what’s happening on the ground."

Link to website: www.tessafranklin.com

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