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(last updated August 16th)

1. Stop the Loss ✔️Tenants Protections: "I agree with creating policies to include: landlords having to receive all city permits before providing notice to tenants of renoviction/demoviction; educating with information on tenants’ legal rights to compensation; and ensure temporarily displaced tenants during renovations or demolitions are re-housed at the same rate of their present rent." ✔️Housing Acquisition: "I support the action of creating a non-profit housing acquisition strategy to reduce the loss of aging housing stock being sold and converted to higher priced housing, and enable non-profit housing providers the time and ability to quickly acquire rental housing."
2. Create More ✔️Inclusionary Zoning: "I support a policy for new developments to ensure up to 30% of units for affordable housing through a phased in approach. It is important that a portion of units would be financially accessible to households with incomes under $24K/yr." ✔️Increased Budget"I support doubling the City’s current commitment of housing 500 households through rent subsidies and the creation of non-profit units. We need to minimize our social housing registry waitlist by finding homes for all families in Ottawa."
3. Preserve the Quality ❌Landlord Licensing: "I am not 100% that a policy to require landlords to register with the City would be the best option. I agree it is important to hold rental property owners to better maintenance standards and to build capacity to oversee and ensure standards for health and safety be maintained, but I am not sure a licensing would be the best way to ensure standards are met." ✔️Ombudsperson: "I agree with the action to assign an independent Housing Ombudsperson to implement the right to housing in line with the federal commitment to housing as a human right. I think it would be good for them to monitor progress, review violations, and provide City Council with recommendations to fulfill our city’s human rights obligations. We would have to ensure that the Ombudsman is equipped to ensure that our city succeeds, and residents are supported."

Link to website: erincoffin.ca

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Link to website: www.votemikedawson.ca

Endorsement Quote: "While I do not support actions 4 and 5, I strongly believe the remaining actions will have a profound impact on reducing the level of homelessness in Ottawa and Kanata South. If elected to council, I will seriously incorporate the majority of the Starts With Home campaign platform into my decision making process at City Hall. Homeless to me is a very complex problem. It is a mental health, education, and social network problem... so many people are only 3 paycheques away from homelessness. By strengthening community support and social network of individuals we can help shelter them from entering homelessness."

1. Stop the Loss ✔️Tenants Protections: "I believe that renovictions and demovictions will be necessary as the city pushes for the establishment of more energy efficient housing units - but people surviving on affordable housing must be protected in the process. I would work to ensure that future demovictions that happen are primarily to expand on housing units, and not to convert housing into parking spaces." ✔️Housing Acquisition: "I believe that this idea needs to be workshopped in order to protect the interests of the taxpayer, and that the city is not held liable in the event the not-for-profit orgnaization(s) are unable to uphold their end of the agreement."
2. Create More ✔️Inclusionary Zoning"I believe that developers will need to have a stake in this policy, so that their interests are also considered. I would like to make sure that the agreed upon % is reached with developers on a case-by-case basis, so that there are no ‘cut corners’ in these new builds as a way for the developers to make up for lost costs as a result of this policy." ❌Increased Budget"I believe that this funding could be used to provide alternative, specialized resources for indigenous peoples. Kanata South lacks sufficient indigenous spaces, and I believe that we need to do more to create spaces for indigenous peoples to gather and receive support and services in Kanata."
3. Preserve the Quality ❌Landlord Licensing: "No. I am concerned that licensing landlords will result in the costs being passed down to tenants, and reduce the amount of available units due to the potential of landlords not wishing to be licensed." ✔️Ombudsperson: "Yes. I believe that this assignment will also help achieve the some of the results intended in action 5."

Link to website: www.roubafattal.ca

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Link to website: www.binashah.ca

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