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1. Stop the Loss Tenants Protections: "Buildings and residential units in this city overtime require the ability to be renovated or demolished. As landlords/owners of these units, they need to be able to improve the quality of living for their residents. As such, landlords should disclose the intent to upgrade/restore the property giving renters ample notice and time to source alternate arrangements." ➗Housing Acquisition: "There are opportunities for other institutions to acquire surrounding properties in support of decreasing homelessness and providing affordable housing. For example, Ottawa University has purchase several properties near the campus with the intent of turning the units into student housing. In order for this to be viable, all levels of government would need to collaborate to implement this strategy successfully. I would work with the City, Province, and the Federal Government to develop a holistic strategy for acquiring feasible properties for the City to acquire in order to support affordable housing."
2. Create More ❌Inclusionary Zoning: "This is provincial jurisdiction. As a city we would work with the province to adopt the right strategies in support of creating permanent affordable housing units." ✔️Increased Budget: "Targeted approaches are key to providing the right care for our vulnerable population here in Ottawa. I support prioritizing and including key actions and initiatives that ensure no resident is left out in the cold."
3. Preserve the Quality ✔️Landlord Licensing: "Landlords need to be identified and held accountable for the quality of homes that they provide. The maintenance of their properties needs to be inline with that of their neighbourhood and adhere to city bylaws. I will work to ensure small landlords understand all options available to maintain their properties. Providing funding from the city is not the right approach and would create additional complexities to ensure the funding is used for its intended purpose." ✔️Ombudsperson: "We need to review the bylaws encompassing rental properties in Ottawa to look for avenues for improvement in support of increasing the quality of living for renters and their neighbours."

Link to website: www.wendydavidson.ca

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