Cook Out and Build Up BBQ

Vincent Massey Park, Picnic Area H
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What is this?

As part of the Starts With Home campaign, Make Housing Affordable and the Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa are hosting a BBQ. This event is a gathering of individuals who are raising awareness for the rising cost of housing and the lack of affordable options.

Focused on the Key Message to Create More, this event will foster connections as we discuss what the city can do, and how everyone can take action to solve the housing crisis.

What is Starts With Home?

Starts With Home is a city-wide non-partisan campaign to build public and political support for addressing the housing affordability crisis in Ottawa. 

The Starts With Home platform, developed by over 40 community partners, has been endorsed by 160 local organizations, businesses, and groups. The diversity in these organizations shows just how important affordable housing is to our city.

The platform contains 3 Key Messages and 6 clear actions for our City to follow and build on.

  1. Stop the Loss of affordable housing
  2. Create More affordable housing
  3. Preserve the Quality of existing affordable housing

What can I do?

The biggest impact you can have is to add your voice to ours and support stronger housing policy, in particular as we approach the City’s zoning by-law review.

  1. Pledge your support to the Starts With Home campaign
  2. Volunteer with a housing advocacy group, like the hosts of this event
  3. Join Make Housing Affordable’s community on Discord, and show your support for excellent, affordable housing projects like 360 Kennedy Lane directly to City Hall.

Where can I learn more?

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