Ward 21 - Rideau-Jock

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❓ = No survey received


Endorsed but no survey received.

Endorsement Quote: "We need affordable housing - we need organizations there to assist / encourage/ guide many who otherwise have nowhere to turn.."

1. Stop the Loss ✔️Tenants Protections: "Indeed - forcing many to leave with no where to go and how unfair to renovate and up the rate while forced eviction occurs." ✔️Housing Acquisition
2. Create More ✔️Inclusionary Zoning: "I would need to learn more." ✔️Increased Budget: "I would like to learn more and find out what is available now."
3. Preserve the Quality ✔️Landlord Licensing: "I would require more information but in part I support this." ✔️Ombudsperson: "Require more information on this one."

Link to website: www.pattysearl.com

Endorsement quote: "I am committed to work with council and mayor to end homelessness."

1. Stop the Loss Tenants Protections: no response ❓Housing Acquisition: no response
2. Create More ❓Inclusionary Zoning: no response ❓Increased Budget: no response
3. Preserve the Quality ❓Landlord Licensing: no response
❓Ombudsperson: no response

Link to website: http://www.kevinsetia.ca/

No survey received.

Link to website: www.electdavidbrown.com

No survey received.

Link to website: www.leighandreabrunet.ca

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